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With Me

**Not taking on clients outside of my gym**


Personal training with me is about more than crushing goals and getting fit (though we do that too)! It's a whole mind, body, and perception transformation. Let's crush your goals and take out the barriers that are limiting your success!

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Personal Trainer, NASM CPT, YES, and Bodybuilding

 With AON Fitness we tackle your specific goals and personalize YOUR fitness needs: no cookie cutter regimes! Whether your goal is to be more fit to play with your kids, come back from an injury, lose/gain weight, or just be healthy, we can build a program for you! I've worked in competitive athletics and with the general population. 

Athletic Coach

As a competitive gymnast, professional dancer, and then gymnastics coach and choreographer for 13 years I am always excited to work with athletes. Increasing strength, power, and/or flexibility is a journey in itself for the athlete whom wants to progress and we're here for it. Whether gymnastics, dance, soccer, track, etc. we can come up wit a program to suit your athlete's needs. I work with adults, young adults, and children (Youth Exercise Specialist). 

Nutrition Coach, NASM CNC

Nutrition is a crucial component to any fitness regime. As a NASM certified nutrition coach, I am happy to guide you on nutrition options to have you reaching your goals both internal and external. Be prepared to learn all about how nutrition plays key roles in your goals and come up with nutritional game plans (no meal plans) to best serve your own individual need!