Rust to Gold: Finally Getting Started

Hey guys!

So I've put off creating this blog because I've had a lingering fear I won't succeed but I decided to finally bite the bullet!

I am officially training to compete in the fitness division next year! For those unfamiliar it is similar to a gymnastics floor routine; so it'll take heaps physique and acro training!

I've been meddling around with the training but this week I have started my first phase: strong program. This is to increase, you guessed it: strength!

I also do acro/flexibility/stability training as well so I do 5 days lifting (some weeks 4) and 3 days other. It's a bit of a mission with work and Jet but thoroughly enjoyable!

I am narrowing down some music choices now and will be staying choreography to solidify what my exact training will focus on.

Heaps excited and I cannot wait for you guys to join me on this journey!

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