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Ali O'Neill

A personal trainer, athletic coach, and nutrition coach with a passion empower and motivate people to become their best selves. 

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I am so excited for you to visit me on this journey to empowering and inspiring others through nutrition, wellness, and fitness!

My name is Ali, I am a mum, wife, and avid traveler as well as being a fitpreneur! I was a competitive gymnast who, unfortunately was in a career ending accident during my senior year of high school.  After that I transitioned into acting, singing, modeling, and dancing professionally in Los Angeles and then Australia. While pursuing the arts I also coached gymnastics, athletics, and strength training while having a significant training regime myself. I have coached athletics since 2006 and have been a personal trainer since 2017, when I decided to shift my attention to the general public. 

My training style focuses significantly on the mental transformation as much as the physical. Not only do we strive to reach whatever your fitness goals are but to also give you the knowledge and information to understand that transition and be in complete control of your future journeys! 

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